Best Carrot Cake in SLO County?

Taco Temple in Morro Bay

Taco Temple in Morro Bay

Whenever¬† a certain few us gather and the talk comes around to desserts and then to favorite carrot cakes,¬† we will always propose that the Taco Temple in Morro Bay sells the best carrot cake. We bought a piece today just to “refresh” our memories. Price – $5.50 for a slice, weight of the slice – 1lb 5oz, very moist with carrots pieces exploding from the everywhere.

In case that you have never heard of the Taco Temple is located at 2680 N. Main Street in Morro Bay. The are open 6 days a week – closed on Tuesday.

From their Menu:

“California Fusion is how we describe our food. You’ll find a blend of different cultures done ‘California Style’. Each dish is unique in itself, so don’t expect the usual! Have fun and enjoy!”

Have a better nominee for Best of SLO Carrot Cake?

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